‘Cage Push’ Awareness Event !!!

The date:  Saturday, 17th December 2011

The venue: Pets At Home Carpark Carmarthen (Lovely Pets At Home have given us the use of a trolley for our event and they have our leaflets on their counter!)

The time: 10.30am – that’s the time we’ll set off for our Cage Push. If you can’t make it at 10.30 just come and find us later and join the procession.

The event: A “Cage Roll” through Carmarthen to highlight the plight of puppy farmed dogs and puppies in Wales.

Not so much a trolley dash as a leisurely walk. We’ll be pushing a trolley/cage through Carmarthen. In the cage will be a large toy dog surrounded by lots of little toy puppies. We will distribute our leaflets along the way. These are designed to help educate people about puppy farming and how easy it is to be fooled into buying a puppy that has actually started life in the most terrible conditions. And how the mother of the puppies remains behind to have yet more puppies. How puppies sold in pet shops come from puppy farms – mostly in Wales. It’s a serious message but done with a light touch that won’t make Christmas shoppers turn away, but instead want to engage with us and learn more. In fact many of us will be wearing dog hats – possibly even a full dog costume? We’ve even got revised lyrics to jingle bells to sing along the way…

Burns Pet Food

We are delighted to announce that Burns has agreed to become a sponsor of C.A.R.I.A.D.

You can find out all about the lovely people at Burns and their extensive range of quality pet foods by visiting the ‘Meet our sponsors’ page and clicking on the Burns logo.

British Veterinary Association

On 8th October, C.A.R.I.A.D. contacted the President and Council of the British Veterinary Association asking them to urge their members not to allow ‘puppies for sale’ ads to be placed on public noticeboards in waiting rooms, as these are often put there by puppy farmers and back yard breeders. We feel that it gives the wrong impression to their clients, making it appear that the vet clinic and vets themselves condone puppy farming. Using a vet clinic to promote sales of battery farmed puppies is a cynical misuse of a trusted source of advice.  We will post here immediately with any response from the BVA on this.

Petition handover

Today representatives from C.A.R.I.A.D. attended the official handover of our petition which was hand-signed by people in Wales who are opposed to puppy farming. The presentation took place at the National Assembly for Wales in Cardiff.  The petition supports the proposed new dog breeding legislation for Wales being implemented without amendments that would reduce its efficacy in addressing the urgent animal welfare issues surrounding puppy farming.