Our supporter and dear friend, Nicky Jevon has kindly shared with us her experiences and words of encouragement. Thank you Nicky for always being there for us and the dogs.

“Some weeks ago I had a dream. Well, more of a vision. In it I was helping a lady attempt to untie little white puppy-farmed dogs. It was very complicated as they were tied with heavily braided/woven strong leather strands. We had to find special tools to set them free. We worked frantically, realising the utter urgency of this situation. We did not cease in our endeavours.

These puppies and dogs were Bichons and when I realised this I thought one of them was one of my cherished canine friends. Almost screaming his name, I was desperate to get to him and untie him. The emotion was overwhelming. When I reached him, I turned him over. It was not Koru. It was a dead lamb with eyes wide open that had seen, smelt and experienced fear and pain, his soul departed.

The phrase ‘lambs to the slaughter’ was embedded in my head. A strong, almost unbearable, dream/vision – yes. Highly symbolic – yes, of the machinations, deceptions, scandalous lies and sheer cruelty perpetuated by these so-called breeders, their accomplices and traffickers.

Lambs to the slaughter’ is not too strong a description. This is indeed the fate that so many factory farmed dogs face. It feels like many might almost be bred just to be slaughtered. Others may face a lifetime of disabilities, physical, emotional or mental. Those with a stronger constitution and admirable spirit will fare well, giving their new guardians joy that is difficult to describe.

Since writing this Tiaki, one of my beloved Bichons, passed over. He was our first ex-puppy farm friend who made the sun shine everyday. His light continues to shine brightly, though in a different way. His name will live long. Thousands from his background will never have had a name.


Come mid-February a new and great presence will join us, as in Year of the Dog – more on this soon. Let us hope that this brave, new energy will bring about desperately needed changes in the way many view dogs and puppies, and of course untold other animal friends. We need to wake up. Dreams are one thing – indeed dreams and visions can be triggers that lead to great happenings. Let us hope that this year we can follow up so many people’s dream of ending the battery farming of dogs NOW.

Heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude to all who are working so hard to raise awareness and make this happen, Nicky X”

In 2015, Nicky shared with us ‘In Less Than a Minute – A Love Story’ and ‘Where Are You? – Another Love Story’.

Tiaki 2




Facts Front Cover


Following the launch of Lucy’s Law on 6th December, we are pleased to release the following document which provides additional information and answers in more detail some frequently asked questions.

The document has been produced by leading Licensing Barrister, Sarah Clover and leading third party puppy sales researcher, Julia Carr founder of Canine Action UK.

Facts Front Cover

Click on the link – Lucys Law Facts and FAQs

Further information on Lucy’s Law can be found on The Mirror website.


Cardiff United Against Puppy Farming Rally


On 30th October, 2017 C.A.R.I.A.D. held a peaceful rally outside the Welsh Government Offices in Cardiff in support of Sue Rouhan’s Paws 4 Thought – 36 Hours of Action for Puppy Farmed Dogs.

Cardiff United Against Puppy Farming Rally

Sue Rouhan’s campaign began with a petition to Ceredigion County Council entitled ‘Help me free breeding dogs from convicted illegal puppy farmer Richard Jones‘.


We were thrilled and honoured to have been joined by such passionate supporters and voices for the dogs, and to have received so many statements to read out. Here are some photos, videos and statements from the day where we stood United Against Puppy Farming.


Cardiff United Against Puppy Farming Rally


Eileen Jones Speech

Neil McEvoy AM Speech

Dinah Mulholland Speech

Leigh-Catherine Salway Speech

Neil Pyatt Speech

Tribute to Violet

Phoebe Story

Eileen Jones

Personal Stories

Nicky - My Story

Lynda - My StoryLauren - My StoryStatements

Baroness Eluned Morgan AM Statement

Bethan Jenkins AM


Ben Lake MP Statement

Vicky Howells AM Statement

Ann Clwyd MP Statement


Here is a message from C.A.R.I.A.D. (pdf format) – C.A.R.I.A.D.

Here is a message from Canine Action UK (pdf format) – Canine Action UK

Here is a message from Boycott Dogs4Us (pdf format) – Boycott Dogs4Us

Here is a message from The Linton Pet Shop Protestors (pdf format) – Linton Pet Shop Protestors




This NOVEMBER we’re going to be saying NO to a number of activities surrounding the puppy trade, and we’re beginning by saying NO MORE PET SHOP PUPS AND NO MORE PUPPY DEALING. This simple change in the law will help put puppy farmers out of business and in doing so, help end the suffering of thousands upon thousands of breeding dogs and their puppies. It will also protect the public from the expense and heartbreak of buying a sick puppy.

Despite unanimous advice from the Government, leading animal welfare organisations, campaigners and others, people are still buying puppies from high street pet shops, garden centres, puppy superstores, residential pet shops and other types of third party puppy dealers … people are still buying puppies without seeing the puppy’s mum and littermates in the place they were born. Which means people are still buying puppies that have originated in puppy farms that, despite being legal and licensed, result in cruelty, neglect and abuse of breeding dogs.


DEFRA, leading animal welfare organisations and the Kennel Club are all saying the same thing …

DEFRA – “Some important tips to remember when buying a puppy:

•Always see the puppy with its mother
•Always, if possible, see the puppy in its natural environment
•Never buy a puppy younger than 8 weeks old”

RSPCA (Puppy Contract) – “RSPCA recommend that you do not buy a puppy from anyone other than the breeder so that you can see the puppy in the place where he was born.”

DOGS TRUST – “Newspapers/internet adverts, pet shops and pet superstores – just don’t go there!

•Never buy from a pet shop
•Do Not buy a puppy if you have any doubts about the breeder or situation – even if you want to rescue it.”

BATTERSEA DOGS AND CATS HOME – “Battersea is opposed to the sale of cats and dogs in pet shops, and has long campaigned against the practice.

We do understand however that some people may be determined to buy a puppy or kitten and raise it from a young age. For those that do so, they should make every effort to go to a reputable, licensed breeder, and should be sure they can see the puppy/kitten interacting with its mother.”

BLUECROSS – “If you do get a dog from a breeder, meeting the mother is vital, as the mother’s temperament contributes to that of the puppies. A fearful or aggressive mother may pass on these traits to a puppy.”

KENNEL CLUB – “The Kennel Club is against the sale of puppies in pet shops. A pet shop does not provide an appropriate environment for the homing, even on a temporary basis, of puppies. As such, good breeders should never sell their puppies via a pet shop. Pet shops are also commonly known to be outlets through which puppy farmers sell their puppies.”

(NOTE: Although the advice from Dogs Trust, Blue Cross and Battersea is clear, they do not support an immediate ban on the sale of puppies by pet shops and puppy dealers (third party puppy sales). Dogs Trust and Blue Cross  provided Government with a private joint briefing after the Government’s consultation on licensing had closed which helped persuade the Government to ignore the EFRA committee’s strong recommendation for a third party ban which they recommended based on putting dog welfare first.)


Reputable breeders never sell their puppies to pet shops or any other type of third party puppy dealer. This only leaves the disreputable breeders, those who put profit well and truly above welfare.


Approximately 80 individuals and businesses in the UK are actively selling puppies under a PET SHOP LICENCE. These LICENSED individuals and businesses have to get their endless supply of puppies from somewhere.

C.A.R.I.A.D. analysed the selling methods of LICENSED breeders in Carmarthenshire and found that 57 breeders sold their puppies to licensed pet shops and other types of puppy dealers. In many instances, these breeders never sell direct to the public, which means that these establishments are not open to public scrutiny. This enables puppy farming to continue behind closed doors.


Figs. Carmarthenshire licensed dog breeders selling through licensed pet shops 2014 – 2015: The columns show the number of breeding dogs e.g. BREEDER 10 is licensed for over 140 breeding dogs.




You can read more about Licensed Third Party Puppy Vending at the link below:



Breeding dogs are not only suffering in UK puppy farms they’re also suffering in Irish and Eastern European puppy farms. And what of the fate of their puppies? They are being imported and smuggled into the UK to be sold to pet shops and other types of puppy dealers. Significantly, it is being reported that the dogs being seized at ports destined for the UK are PUPPIES. This means in most cases people buying these imported puppies are not seeing the puppy with its mum.

Puppy importing/smuggling is enabled, even encouraged, by third party sellers such as pet shops and puppy dealers; vessels for irresponsible, low welfare commercial dog breeding whether it’s here in the UK or abroad, commonly described as puppy farming. Only an outright third party puppy sales ban will tackle the Irish and Eastern European puppy imports.

Puppy Smuggling

You can read more about third party puppy seller prosecutions at the link below:



There has been much talk lately of dealers using a ‘fake’ or ‘show’ mum when selling puppies they have not bred themselves. You can avoid falling into this trap …



The third party puppy trade can be both complex and misleading. It’s important to know that LICENSED pet shops come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re not all on the high street.


LICENSED PUPPY DEALER: Puppy dealers don’t sell puppies to the public, they buy cheap puppies in bulk from licensed puppy farms then distribute these puppies to other licensed pet shops and dealers.

LICENSED RESIDENTIAL PET SHOP: Residential pet shops operate from a house, which means on the surface these sellers can look like a breeder. They will often have a lot of excuses ready as to why mum isn’t present. Don’t fall for them.

HYBRID SELLER: Hybrid sellers breed their own puppies, but also buy in cheap puppies from elsewhere under their pet shop licence because it’s often cheaper to buy from others than to breed their own puppies.

HIGH STREET PET SHOP: Because reputable breeders won’t sell their puppies to pet shops, they rely on an endless supply of cheap puppies from puppy dealers or they themselves collect puppies from puppy farms.


One of the first questions you should ask any puppy seller is ‘Where’s Mum? If a puppy seller can’t or won’t show you the mummy, don’t show them your money. Don’t fall for their lies and excuses … walk away. show-me-the-mummy


Thousands of dogs and puppies are currently waiting in rescues right across the UK for a second chance at a first class life. Be a hero, open your heart and home to a rescue dog.



A Tribute To Violet


A Tribute To Violet

Violet – also affectionately known as Piggy – was one of those dogs that just took your breath away. The biggest, most gentle giant who made an enormous impression on people because of who she was and what she had endured as a breeding dog in her previous, sad life.

When people think about puppy farm breeding dogs they often think of small, vulnerable breeds but Violet was every bit as vulnerable at the hands of those who saw her as a cash cow and neglected her magnificent body, spirit and soul in the most heart-breaking ways.

Violet was found wandering near a suspected puppy farm in 2014. She bore all the hallmarks of such a deprived existence – teeth worn down from biting on a cage, muscle wastage on her legs from being kept in a cramped environment, patches of fur missing. And a deep sadness in her eyes as a result of having been recently parted from her puppies.

Wood Green animal shelter took her in and the rest, as they say, is history. Only days later Violet was being showered with love and attention at the Wood Green stall at Pup Aid. She took it all in her calm, slow, steady stride – being fussed over by dog loving MPs and the paparazzi. And that’s when an amazing lady called Donna Law came into Violet’s life and they were to become inseparable companions and best friends.

Everyone who met Violet fell in love with her. It was impossible not to. But Violet knew who she wanted to be with for the rest of her days and that was Donna and her family.

Suddenly all the love and affection this gentle giant had never known before was hers and she loved every minute of it

Violet Collage

Then, sometime later Violet needed serious surgery and it was touch and go if she would recover. But this brave girl did and in 2015 she was the poster girl for Wood Green highlighting the plight of thousands of unwanted and abandoned pets.

Last year Donna adopted a puppy from Cyprus as a companion for Violet and it was obvious that she loved having her around to mother and look after.

At the beginning of this year Violet again needed more surgery but came through it with her usual calm bravery and determination.

Violet came to Pup Aid every year with Donna from 2014-2017 and Donna told her story in the ex- breeding dogs parade so that the public could understand what these dogs are forced to endure at the hands of people who are only interested in them as breeding machines.

In our hearts we all feared that this Pup Aid would be her last and a few weeks ago, after falling ill and an emergency visit to the vet, Donna and her family knew that the time had come to make that one last heart-breaking decision; That final act of love and respect for their beautiful, brave girl. Violet was helped on her way by their vet to the rainbow bridge.

For those who had the honour of knowing and loving Piggy we will always be grateful that we had the chance to have her in our lives – even for a moment. We send all our love to our friend Donna and her family and thank them for everything they did for her.

Our time with our beloved dogs is never long enough, but for those who have endured what should have been the best years of their lives at the hands of those who have no compassion for them at all, our time with these survivors is always far too short.

Rest peacefully darling girl. You are so very missed and will never be forgotten.

Linda Piggy and Donna.jpg

The Dogs Need You - Write To Your MP


As part of the ‘Paws 4 Thought – 36 Hours of Action For Puppy Farm Dogs’ event being held on 29th October – 30th October, puppy farm campaigner Sue Rouhan will be calling on dog lovers and campaigners everywhere to write to their Members of Parliament urging them to help write off puppy farming forever.

The Dogs Need You - Write To Your MP

Sue Rouhan’s campaign began with a petition to Ceredigion County Council entitled ‘Help me free breeding dogs from convicted illegal puppy farmer Richard Jones‘. This petition is now 33,976 strong and contains regular updates. We urge everyone to view and sign at the link below.


Here’s a message from Paws 4 Thought mascot herself, Blodwyn (click image).

Blodwyn Message

Let’s stand United Against Puppy Farming and with the help of our Members of Parliament, let’s write off puppy farming forever.

For details of your MP, please visit: http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/

A sample email is provided below, but we do encourage everyone to add their own words and experiences where possible. We have also included links at the bottom of this post should you wish to include them in your email, or any images contained within them.

Dear (insert name)


As you’ll be aware, thousands of puppies and breeding dogs suffer and die needlessly as a result of low welfare, high volume breeding on establishments commonly known as puppy farms. Like me, you’ll be horrified this practice is still LEGAL in the UK as is the practice of third party puppy dealing – the selling of puppies through pet shops and puppy dealers – this activity was highlighted in the recent shocking Panorama documentary entitled ‘Britain’s Puppy Dealers Exposed.

As my serving Member of Parliament, I urge you to put pressure on Defra to include a ban on the third-party selling of puppies in the proposed new licensing regulations, and to push for stronger regulations than those currently being proposed. And further, to ensure Defra provides Local Authorities with the resources and expertise they need to enforce new regulations. Nobody wants to see the failings of the Welsh dog breeding regulations being repeated in England.

We all welcome changes to existing animal welfare legislation, and in fact the pending revisions to the Animal Establishment Licensing provides the ideal opportunity to introduce a third-party puppy sales ban, as recommended by the EFRA Committee at the end of 2016. As I’m sure you will agree, this will reduce the administrative burden for Local Authorities and meet its objective of high standards of animal welfare.

In terms of third-party puppy selling, the activity of carrying on a business of selling puppies a seller has not bred, it’s important to recognise that it is this puppy dealing activity which supports low welfare, high volume breeding (puppy farming) because reputable breeders will NEVER sell their puppies through a pet shop or puppy dealer.

Currently there are approximately 80 commercial third-party puppy sellers holding a pet shop licence permitting the sale of puppies. Only around a third are high street pet shops and the majority operate from a diverse range of premises including residential homes – meaning the type of operation may not be apparent to potential purchasers. There are no accurate figures for the scale of the trade, but an estimated 80,000 puppies may be sold annually by licensed pet shops and puppy dealers. Puppies are sourced cheaply from puppy farms (usually licensed) in the UK, Republic of Ireland and the rest of Europe, which means it is impossible to ensure breeding dogs in these puppy farms are afforded even the minimum standards of welfare.

A third-party puppy sales ban is an essential first step to tackling the issue of puppy farming as well as imperative for the protection of puppies and consumers. It is the most cost-efficient solution to tackling issues of welfare and illegal trading – including the trafficking of puppies into the UK from Europe.

Enforcement is already demonstrably successful against illegal (unlicensed) traders and actioned by various agencies including local authorities, Trading Standards and the RSPCA. The trade is wholly dependent upon advertising to attract customers and therefore will remain visible to enforcement agencies. It cannot survive ‘underground’ and detached from its customers. I should highlight at this point that the RSPCA and the Kennel Club are fully supportive of this ban. And as previously mentioned, a ban was strongly recommended by the EFRA Committee citing numerous reasons for this recommendation.

There is much to add, but I respect your busy schedule, so I’ll end by saying … for too long dogs and puppies have been suffering unimaginable cruelty in licensed and unlicensed dog breeding establishments, enough is enough. If Defra and devolved Governments can’t or won’t protect the dogs sufficiently, then perhaps it’s time to create an independent Animal Welfare Task Force.

Thank you in advance of your support, and if you require further information please contact C.A.R.I.A.D. at www.cariadcampaign.co.uk.

Yours sincerely,


We have also provided the sample email in Word document format below.

Sample Email Word Document: MP Sample Email


Below are a variety of links that you may wish to include in your email.












The Great British Ex-Breeding Dog Survey Flyer


Stoptober Banner


Stoptober Banner

Every year we run a STOPTOBER campaign to spread the message about not buying puppies in pet shops and via third party puppy dealers. This remains a most important message if we are to end the suffering of breeding dogs in the UK’s puppy farms because it is a mode of selling that enables the suffering of breeding dogs to remain behind closed doors.

However, there are of course a number of other things that need to STOP too and we thought you should know what this STOPTOBER is about from C.A.R.I.A.D.’s point of view. Here are some of the things we want to STOP now:

Puppy Farm Dogs

We want the pet and welfare industry and media to STOP making the public the scapegoats of a trade that has for decades been given a veneer of respectability through so called ‘licensing and regulation’. Public protection against the puppy trade is currently virtually non-existent.

Puppy Farm Dogs

We want Governments both national and devolved to STOP putting the onus on puppy buyers to educate themselves when there is no government funded education or awareness being offered – the only advice that is offered by governments is done so at no cost as it is online and extremely discreet.

Puppy Farm Dogs

We want Governments both national and devolved to STOP passing the buck when it comes to taking responsibility for enforcement of breeding and sales of dogs regulations to Councils and Local Authorities. STOP telling us that it’s not your responsibility. If you sign off these Regs then stand by them or stand aside.

Puppy Farm Dogs

We want Councils and Local Authorities to STOP pretending they have everything under control. You haven’t the expertise, manpower or in some cases will to ensure that licensing conditions are being met to the letter. If you did then we would not continue to see breeding dogs coming out of your licensed establishments in such appalling physical and psychological health. You know full well that the current regulations in Wales are unenforceable. Either you’re happy to continue looking inept and should therefore be held accountable by the public for the animal cruelty that is happening on your watch, or you accept that you are being expected by Government to do the impossible and tell Government that the situation is unacceptable right now.

Puppy Farm Dogs

We want the sickening level of hypocrisy to STOP by some very large organisations and charities who continue to advise the public not to buy puppies in pet shops but who don’t feel strongly enough about protecting the dogs, puppies or public, to want legislation changed that would end this practice. And we want you to STOP begging the public for donations on the back of your spurious campaigns of spin about how awful puppy farming is when you have done absolutely nothing to highlight or eradicate the cruelty of the licensed trade but instead conveniently continue to focus on illegal imports and puppy smuggling (ironically two areas where a third-party ban would have had an enormous impact.)

Puppy Farm Dogs

We want DEFRA to learn by past mistakes and STOP continuing down the same path they’ve always done by having policy and legislation influenced and determined by the usual subjects who will once again get it wrong for the dogs and for the public. Just as they have always done. You either want to fix the problem by looking at the hard scientific evidence and data, or you are prepared to allow the problem to continue on the basis of speculation and assumption with no basis in fact.

Protect The Dogs Protect The Public

Penny and Scrappy


We recently received the most amazing message from a wonderful lady called Anna who had not only completed our Great British Ex-Breeding Dog Survey, but had shared with us the poem she’d written for her puppy farm survivor rescue Labrador, Penny.

A Poem for Penny is a poem of survival, determination, hope, happiness and ultimately, LOVE. We are truly honoured to be sharing Anna’s poem as well as photographs of Penny and Anna’s other rescue, the adorable Scrappy. Are we in love … you bet!

Penny and Scrappy


Penny was a cocoa bean
The cutest one you’ve ever seen
But born in the dark
No heat, no sun,
No warmth, no light
No games, no fun.
A noisy box, a smelly bed
No human touch on her fluffy head

As months went by not much had changed
Still not a pet, still with no name
She thought this is what life’s about
She thought that without any doubt
Her life was all for giving birth
That raising babies was her worth
Until they left her for a home
and poor Penny would remain alone

Then one day Penny left that place
A sullen look upon her face
Her baby making days were through
What was she now supposed to do?
She found herself inside a cage
With other dogs around her age
With sunshine, food and different smells
That was clean and pleasant, for a cell
Humans passed and said hello
She wasn’t sure which way to go
People were not things she’d seen
She only knew that they were mean

Until one day a couple came
And smiled and gave her a new name
“Penny, you are coming home
To run and eat and play and roam
And make our couple up to 3
To turn us into a family”

4 years have passed, and Penny says
She’s not forgotten those early days
But now she’s happy, with daddy and mummy,
A comfy bed and a full tummy
A place where she can run and jump
Her coat is shiny and she’s plump!
A family to call her own
If only she had always known
That this is how a dog should live
With humans who have love to give
Not in a dark and lonesome place
Never seeing a kindly face

So next time when you see a pup
And cuddle him and pick him up
And think ‘so cute, I want a dog’
I’ll find an online catalogue
Of angelic faces, cute as ever
Puppy farm? Oh no, oh never!
Remember Penny, sad and lonely
In her box all skin and boney
Making puppies by the dozen
Along with her mum, sister and cousin
So that someone can make some money
And take a plane to somewhere sunny

Go find yourself a rescue page
There’s dogs of every size and age
All with stories that they cannot tell
Who’ll love you forever, just as well
As any pup you buy online
As long as you give them some time
To know you and to know you’re there
To love and hold, to feed and care
Cos rescue dogs aren’t bad or lame
They’re dogs, they’re pets, they’re not to blame
So Penny says “don’t shop, adopt”
And get the puppy farmers stopped

Penny and Scrappy 2



There’s not a moment in the day when we aren’t thinking about and working hard to end the suffering of the thousands of breeding dogs and their puppies still suffering in licensed and unlicensed puppy farms across the UK.

Today, we’d also like to take a moment to acknowledge the plight of other victims in the dark world of the puppy trade – the families caught up in an industry that is designed to pray on the emotions of people who just want to share their lives with a doggy companion. The families who opened their hearts and their homes to a puppy only for their hearts to be torn apart by an industry that doesn’t give a damn about dogs, puppies or families.

These are the often silent victims of the puppy trade, the victims often too scared and more often than not, too ashamed, to speak out. Today, we acknowledge the bravery of the families who have taken the decision to speak out.

Recently, investigative journalist Andrew Penman gave a voice to a number of families and their puppies by way of hard-hitting and revealing articles. For the purpose of this blog we’re focusing on the two brave families who spoke out in Andrew’s most recent article.




Pixie-Belle and Lily were very much wanted and very much loved puppies. Thankfully Lily remains a very much loved family member. Although the phrases ‘impulse purchase’ and ‘purchased on a whim’ are often used when describing the purchasing of puppies from licensed pet shops and puppy dealers, we recognise that it is more complex and goes much deeper than that. We know from experience that the entire puppy farming, puppy dealing and pet shop industry prays on our love of dogs and the joy sharing our lives with doggy companions brings. We also know of the often hard sell techniques used by the puppy trade to emotionally blackmail vulnerable puppy buyers, guilting them into a purchase. And what’s worse, this industry is licensed – an industry licensed to kill.

Pixie-Belle and Lily were purchased from a licensed pet shop currently under investigation by C.A.R.I.A.D.. At this point we should state that we do not undertake these investigations lightly, if an individual or business is under investigation, it is for good reason. We have reported this particular licensed pet shop and its vet to the authorities, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, the RSPCA and yet here we are, still fighting for justice for the dogs and their families.

We were bitterly disappointed last week when the RSPCA told us they didn’t have enough evidence to proceed with any action against this puppy seller, despite C.A.R.I.A.D. having provided them with considerable documentation. But we are determined to get justice for Pixie-Belle and Lily and every other puppy and family affected by puppy farming and the third-party puppy trade.

One of the most telling things about the experiences of people who have bought puppies from licensed pet shops and puppy dealers is that the majority tell us that they’re too afraid to go public for fear of recrimination by the puppy seller, or that they have been threatened by them if they speak out. What an utterly shocking indictment of this ‘licensed and regulated’ puppy trade. But be under no illusions, this is an industry that has a lot to hide and a lot of money to protect.

This is a trade built on the notion that licensing means legitimate. And it continues to be given a veneer of respectability by those whose brands continue to allow themselves to be associated with it through ‘puppy packs’ and also by those who continue to be an embarrassment to the veterinary profession by being complicit with this vile industry. The late Pixie-Belle came with free Petplan insurance, a veterinary examination certificate from the onsite vet and the vacuous backing of a licensed pet shop. What Pixie-Belle didn’t come with was good genetics and the name of her breeder. To this day, the pet shop that sold her refuses to name Pixie-Belle’s or Lily’s breeders. Transparency simply does not exist in this industry. And without transparency there can be no public protection.

Governments both national and devolved stress time and again that ‘public education’ is the key. But it is very hard to educate members of the public when they believe that if something is legal and licensed it must be okay. How do you convince the public to stop doing something that is at present completely legal? Putting the onus on the public to ‘do the right thing’ but making it perfectly legal for them not to is not only a contradiction in terms, it is perverse.

In Wales this is exacerbated by the term Model Licence Conditions which sound impressive. But having been in force since 2015 and still not reviewed as promised by the Welsh Government, have proven to be as effective at protecting these exploited dogs as a chocolate fireguard. In fact, not only are they ineffective, they are largely unenforceable. Not just our opinion but also that of one of the Welsh Councils that is notorious for its sub-standard attention to dog welfare.

One look at the dogs that come out of these establishments – their compromised physical and emotional health – is the most incriminating evidence of all.

Stop Puppy Farming

Joint Briefing Document Page 1


In March 2017, Canine Action UK submitted a Freedom of Information request to DEFRA requesting specific information relating to the Government’s response to the EFRA inquiry into Animal Welfare: Domestic Pets.

In its published response to EFRA’s recommendation for a ban on the third party sale of dogs DEFRA stated:

“We have considered the matter very carefully including in light of the views of many welfare charities.” and “We note that a number of established welfare charities with experience and knowledge of the sector have ADVISED AGAINST a ban on third party sales.”

We wondered which welfare charities had offered views relating to EFRA’s recommendation and under what circumstances they had provided opinions – as no official consultation had taken place since the publication of the report that we were aware of. We were also concerned and surprised that ‘a number’ of welfare charities had apparently ‘advised against’ a ban, given that the 2014 Pup Aid petition had been supported by the major welfare charities.

The Freedom of Information request asked:

1. Which welfare charities provided views specifically relating to this recommendation? Please can you indicate whether the views of these charities favoured or opposed a ban and if they provided evidence to support their views.

DEFRA’s answer: We considered a number of responses to the EFRA enquiry. However, in October 2016 the Dogs Trust and Blue Cross provided us with a joint briefing on the EFRA enquiry, separate from their submissions to EFRA during their call for evidence. A copy of the joint briefing is enclosed.

Below is a copy of the joint briefing document, submitted by Dogs Trust and Blue Cross in October 2016 and separate from their evidence submissions to EFRA.

Joint Briefing Document Page 1


Joint Briefing Document Page 2

Joint Briefing Document Page 3

The joint briefing, issued to DEFRA ahead of the publication of the EFRA report raised concerns that a ban on third party sales of puppies was “not currently a practical solution” and suggested that the “most effective way to tackle and improve the breeding and subsequent selling of all dogs, not just puppies, is to introduce an effective registration and licensing system.”

We were also concerned that the Government’s decision seemed to be strongly influenced by one particular sector – ‘welfare charities’, therefore the FOI request also asked:

2. Did the Government consult stakeholder groups other than welfare charities specifically in relation to this recommendation? If yes, please indicate which stakeholder groups were contacted (e.g. BVA, Local Government Association etc.) and indicate whether these groups favoured or were opposed to a ban.

DEFRA’s answer: We did not consult any organisations, animal welfare or otherwise, in preparing the Government’s response to EFRA.