Pup Aid was founded by Dr Marc Abraham – multi award-winning vet, animal welfare campaigner and lobbyist – to raise awareness about the barbaric puppy farming trade.

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Read an interview with Marc Abraham here: Meet the Marc I know


Lucy the Rescue Cavalier and her beautiful personal assistant Lisa (a.k.a. mummy) have been campaigning tirelessly to make people aware of what breeding dogs suffer in puppy farms. And the wonderful news is that Lucy has just been awarded an Animal Hero Award in recognition of her wonderful work.

(Sadly Lucy went to Rainbow Bridge in December 2016 – RIP darling Lucy)


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Boycott Dogs4us are a group made up of a mixture of local people and animal protection campaigners. Collectively they are campaigning for an end to the sale of puppies at Dogs4Us, a puppy warehouse with branches in Leeds and Manchester.

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The Linton Pet Shop Protesters are a group of concerned residents from the Maidenhead, Knowl Hill, Twyford & Wargrave areas, who also care about the welfare of dogs. They hold regular peaceful protests outside Linton Pet Store in Hare Hatch and campaign for the implementation of Lucy’s Law.

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Friends of Animals Wales formerly Friends of the Animals RCT are a small animal rescue based in South Wales, run by unpaid volunteers and rescuing and re-homing across the UK.

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Beverley Cuddy & Dogs Today Magazine have campaigned long and hard against puppy farming and puppy dealing, and have been instrumental in keeping the plight of puppy farm dogs and their puppies in the media. Beverley Cuddy is part of the Lucy’s Law campaigning team and launched one of the most successful petitions of all time – Ban the Sale of Puppies by Pet Shops & All Commercial Third Party Dealers (Lucy’s Law).

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The SaveABulls is a veterinary led campaign founded by award-winning veterinary nurse, Shakira Free Miles, to raise awareness of breed specific legislation, promote responsible dog ownership and end breed discrimination.

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Read about the link between dog bites, BSL and puppy farming here:


And from the Founder of The SaveABulls please read: The Reality of Breed Bans


CAGED Nationwide are a dedicated team of animal welfare campaigners who work tirelessly to raise awareness of the cruelty within the Greyhound racing industry, and who campaign to end the cruelty of the greyhound racing industry as a whole.

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As part of our commitment to improve the lives of all dogs, we ask you to also follow and support these excellent campaigners who are working so hard to make the world a better place for our canine friends.