Sit Stay Leave Wait Campaign


If like us, you become incendiary when you see a dog left in a car, especially in warm weather; or people walking their dogs at the hottest time of the day; or a dog tied up outside a shop – then let’s do something about it together!

Clearly, we can’t rely on messages being seen purely on social media. This educational process urgently needs to be out there in high streets, supermarket car parks – highly visible to people who aren’t like you and us and don’t follow animal welfare issues on social media.

We’re desperate to help and prevent a potential tragedy, but obviously we don’t have the money to print tens of thousands of posters and distribute them across the UK. So, with your help we’re hoping to do the next best thing. We’re equipping you, our wonderful dog loving friends, to make a difference in your local communities.

We’ve created four posters, each addressing a specific issue. And we’ve taken a different approach by using common dog-training phrases such as Sit, Stay, Leave and Wait to train humans in what to do to keep their dogs safe all year round – but with a particular push during warm weather.

Wherever you live in the UK, could you download and print out a poster with a message that matters to you? Or if you’re able to – print out all four posters (maybe even ask a friendly local printer to do it as a favour) and urge your local shops, supermarkets, vets, pet shop, dog groomers – wherever you think will have the most impact in your area to display a poster in their windows, where people can easily see them.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if just one of these posters prevented a dog dying from heatstroke, or from being stolen? And wouldn’t it be amazing if thanks to all of you, the wider public finally got the message about how to protect their canine companions from harm? Click on images to download.





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