Think Small


Small rescues are the backbone of companion animal welfare in the UK. They do big things for animals despite having scant resource. This means having to be extremely resourceful and working extra hard. Many are either solely run by unpaid volunteers or rely heavily on them to keep going. So, if you’re looking for a new companion, please consider adopting from a smaller rescue. And if you’re not ready to adopt, then please also consider becoming a fosterer for a smaller rescue so that they can then create a space to help another animal in need.

There are many other ways to help small rescues to continue their vital work. Donations are always at the top of the list because their overheads can be truly eyewatering – the biggest cost usually being huge veterinary bills. There are also costs for accommodating animals including bedding and food for example. It’s not unusual for some rescue staff or volunteers to reach into their own pockets to buy essentials themselves.

Apart from adopting, fostering and donating there are also other ways to help small rescues. These include:

  • fundraising
  • home-checking
  • transportation
  • admin
  • finding sponsors
  • sourcing prizes for raffles

Each rescue will have their own specific wish list, so please do get in touch and see how you can help out these amazing unsung heroes.

The Rescue Directory list will continue to grow over time so keep checking back to see if there may be a rescue local to you that needs your help.



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